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Mark Gibbons :: Imitation Blues

Fact & Fiction is excited to host Missoula poet Mark Gibbons for a reading and signing of his new collection, 'Imitation Blues.'

Insofar that The Imitation Blues makes us descend into the root cellars of the poet's heart and history, it will also praise the living and light of our days. These pages pour libation and summon the dead: John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Jack Kerouac, Jack Spicer, Ed Lahey, Guy Lombardo, Smelley the cat, and dear departed friends and family. In these poems, a lost mother will keep sowing. A father will keep working a brutal graveyard shift. Reader, don't be afraid. There's a party going on. Dylan Thomas will guide us through Golden Gate Park! I've been a fan of Gibbons' poetry for almost twenty years, and this is classic.... These poems tell the truth, and they are unafraid. — Miles Waggener, author of Phoenix Suites and Sky Harbor

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