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F&F Downtown Book Club

We usually meet on a Wednesday or Thursday the 2nd week of the month for our discussions...

For April, instead of just one book, we will discuss the nominees for The Great Montana Read-Nonfiction and MT memoir.

We will compare and contrast the books, as well as discuss themes, values, perspectives, etc., in MT memoir.

So pick one (or two, or a few) from the list or choose a different MT memoir and come join us!

Wednesday, April 8th @ 7pm! In-store!

New members welcome anytime! 

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We Leave the Flowers Where They Are


The anthology is a truly diverse collection, with stories from women all around the Big Sky State, from Powder River to Eureka. Reflecting the lives of all Montana women, the authors’ stories offer joy, pain, humor and hope. From the story of how a midwife in Montana was sued and fought in court to ultimately earn the first professional license issued by the state, to the memoir of an incarcerated woman diagnosed with AIDS, the anthology represents the voices of writers with stories that demand to be told.

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