Awake in the World Vol. 2

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Over 50 authors, from 7 countries, writing about wildlife, adventure and the environment.

Selected and edited by Tyler Dunning and Daniel J. Rice

“Awake in the World V.2 takes readers from Montana to Arizona, Maine to South America, and the Arctic to Australia. But it takes us beyond location and into the heart of the land and sea, into the heart of the human experiencing the land through fishing, free diving, and bronco riding, but also through climate change, habitat loss, and overpopulation. Awake in the World shows readers the world around us as sublime and devastating, as something to fear, revere, and save. It offers reader a diverse look at humans and nature, across a variety of genres. What glues this collection together? These poems, essays, and stories are wild to their core and oh so beautiful. “

-Sean Prentiss, author of Finding Abbey, and editor of the anthology Environmental and Nature Writing

“Like birdsong on a crisp spring morning, this collection is joyous and varied. Riverfeet Press continues to create literature that brings voices established and new to its readers. Each will have their favorites, but the common denominator, perhaps, across all, as Chris La Tray tells us, is that when we find ourselves “in the presence of the wild world,” we can be assured we’re “in the presence of the Divine.”

- Andrew C. Gottlieb, author of Flow Variations and Halflives

“In a Venn diagram that might chart a devotion to language, a concern for the world at large, and an urge toward belonging, toward community—at the juncture of those vibrant, overlapping circles, here’s this lovely and heartfelt anthology.”

-Allen Morris Jones, author of Sweeney on the Rocks and A Bloom of Bones

"The second volume of Awake in the World comes at a time when our planet most needs us to attend to and learn from earth and sky. The balance of poetry, stories and essays heed the seasons of adventure and the sounds and pleasures of nature. These writers offer perspectives rich in the physical world, the fresh air, rivers and landscape, making these pages a palace of light and praise, a good place to settle."

-Lauren Camp, author of Turquoise Door and One Hundred Hungers

“Awake in the World, V2 can be used as a guidebook into what it means to be present in one's ecosystem. You can pick it up and choose one poem, essay, or story to read to help center and refocus how it is to live in (and with) the world.”

-Timothy Goodwin, author of Within these Woods and Ecological Identity


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