Cinnabar (Paperback)

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Living in Greenwich of England, William Marshall enjoyed exploring abandoned buildings, admiring the forgotten architecture from previous eras. He discovered a mysterious device in a fortress that had the capability of answering any question, if the answer could be determined, giving him what seemed like unlimited potential. He quickly discovered hidden societies known as "Divisions," and he worked hard to gain acceptance into them.

William became most interested in a Division named "Dmesdre," being very gothic and witch-like, although he still felt disconnected from it for a reason he did not know. He investigated what Divisions really were, where they came from and what could be done about his feeling of incompleteness, developing his independence all the while.

William felt that he was unnoticed by anyone and blended in without suspicion, until a man from a controversial tribe saw William as a powerful threat to traditional ideology . . .

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ISBN: 9780228877356
ISBN-10: 0228877350
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: April 30th, 2022
Pages: 266
Language: English