William Comstock : Binary Star

William Comstock

Reading & Signing

Binary Star

Tuesday, November 12th @ 7pm

This work spans the period 1920-1940 and follows two generations of families that revolve around the central character of Alexandra. The action takes place in four countries: France, America, Canada and England. The first of three parts, MARY, plays out in Paris. The two main protagonists, the American girl Mary and the Russian Andrei, weave a romantic web culminating in a return voyage to New York. The second part, ALEXANDRA, follows the adventures and development of Andrei and Mary's daughter, Alexandra, growing up in upstate New York. There are side threads in this part that present other relationships between other actors related to the main thread of the story. The third part, ALFRED, follows the development or growth of the English boy, Alfred, and his friendship with Biff. Alexandra reappears as a volunteer nurse at the dawn of World War II. In the aftermath of the Battle of Britain, Alfred and Alexandra are brought together. Throughout the second and third parts of this work there is an emphasis on the influence of poetry for character development. One final word to the effect that there are chapters that the reader might find challenging or interesting depending on one's background (e.g. The Philosophers in Part II and Maxwell's Equations in Part III).

Event date: 
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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220 N Higgins Ave.
Missoula, MT 59802-4435