Sky Songs North: Alaska Bush Poetry

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by Elaine Shea

Over 25 years ago, Elaine Shea traveled to Alaska to serve as an early childhood federal reviewer visiting American Indian, and Alaska Native Head Start villages. To get around, she relied on Alaska dog sleds, 3-wheelers, snow machines and bush planes once she crossed the Arctic Circle.

Vivid imagery fills these 50 vignettes and poems about Alaska’s culture and natives, seen through the sensitive lens of an esteemed American poet from Montana. Elaine captures the people, places, and experiences of her time.

“We are
off to Quinhagak; maybe caribou on the
Kuskokwim River, frozen fish camps, criss-cross
snow machine tracks, eel hookers, skin boats, and
tundra designs lead us to the ocean.”

Travel with Elaine as she explores America’s Last Frontier and other native lands in the US through her beautiful memoir of place, time, and people.

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